Build an AI-powered,

Define and explore problems better and faster

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Explore what matters, unlock action

Speed up alignment, decisions and execution with exploration.

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Build an exploration, solve problems based on the right questions

Source the right questions to explore, do it fast and with less meetings.

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Run explorations, get answers

Develop high quality answers to key matters and underlying questions.

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Use explorations, simplify decisions

Make decisions and drive alignment with more confidence.

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Share explorations, create transparency

Provide visibility to the matters and questions the team will explore.

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Level up your skills for an, AI era

Develop new skills and learn how to bring AI into your work.

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What Users Are Saying About Ritual

Our CEO introduced OKRs, yet we need to translate them into actionable plans. Navigating this process is tough, but Ritual offers a clear solution. With improved execution, we aim for faster, better results.

Senior Manager

National Marine Sanctuary

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Purposeful exploration helps push boundaries and uncover new possibilities. Every organization needs to embrace the power of exploration to grow and stay relevant in today’s fast paced world. Ritual is a great way to bring this to life.


DOW Jones

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A perfect door opener to use AI at work, and getting your team comfortable with it.

VP, MGM Resorts

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Atif's Decision Sprint keynote prompted our top team to request a workshop for practical implementation. We're eager to adopt his approach for exploring and advancing our key initiatives. Atif's methodology, coupled with Ritual, holds great promise.

Senior Executive


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