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Atif Rafiq

CEO & Co-Founder

Atif has managed over 10,000 people over his C Suite career and knows a thing or two about knowledge work. As a tech innovator for over 25 years, he spotted the game changing potential of AI and workflow to drive knowledge work in early 2021, when he started Ritual.

After 15+ years in Silicon Valley / tech companies like Amazon, Atif rose through the ranks of various Fortune 500 companies. He was the first Chief Digital Officer in the history of the Fortune 500. His pioneering work at McDonald’s lead to work billions of dollars of new revenue, and he lead massive transformations as Global CIO and CDO at Volvo and then as President at MGM Resorts.

Atif has built a large following as one of today’s top management thinkers. Over 500,000 people follow his ideas on LinkedIn, where he is a Top Voice, and his newsletter Re:wire has over 100,000 subscribers.

He is also a Thinkers 50 nominee, author of the WSJ bestseller Decision Sprint, and Board member of several public companies.

Michael Vo

CTO & Co-Founder

Michael is a seasoned engineering leader in Silicon Valley with over 20 years of experience, initially starting as one of the first interns at Facebook. With a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, he has led technology teams from Fortune 500 powerhouses to dynamic startups.

During his career, Michael has held key technology leadership roles across several high-profile companies. At MGM Resorts International, he led the development of innovative digital experiences, notably launching a mobile check-in that achieved the company's highest-ever customer satisfaction scores. At Volvo Corporation, he drove the adoption of cutting-edge digital products and secured pivotal partnerships with major tech firms like Amazon and Google. Earlier, at McDonald’s Corporation, Michael played a central role in the company’s digital transformation, introducing key technologies such as the Global Mobile App and digital kiosks that significantly enhanced customer engagement and integration.

Recognized on LinkedIn’s NextWave list of top professionals under 35 in 2015, Michael continues to shape the digital future, making an indelible impact on the tech landscape.


SVP, Amazon

Colin Bryar

SVP, Amazon
COO, Github

Kyle Daigle

COO, Github
Board member, Oracle & BMW

Vishal Sikka

Board member, Oracle & BMW
Chairmen & CEO United Airlines

Oscar Munoz

Chairmen & CEO United Airlines
CEO, Volvo

Hakan Samuelson

CEO, Volvo

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Our CEO introduced OKRs, yet we need to translate them into actionable plans. Navigating this process is tough, but Ritual offers a clear solution. With improved execution, we aim for faster, better results.

Senior Manager

National Marine Sanctuary

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Purposeful exploration helps push boundaries and uncover new possibilities. Every organization needs to embrace the power of exploration to grow and stay relevant in today’s fast paced world. Ritual is a great way to bring this to life.


DOW Jones

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A perfect door opener to use AI at work, and getting your team comfortable with it.

VP, MGM Resorts

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Atif's Decision Sprint keynote prompted our top team to request a workshop for practical implementation. We're eager to adopt his approach for exploring and advancing our key initiatives. Atif's methodology, coupled with Ritual, holds great promise.

Senior Executive


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