About Ritual and Exploration

What is the purpose of Ritual?

Our purpose is to enable teams to drive ideas 10X better through the power of AI. Move from idea to impact like never before using our AI-driven workflows. Generating ideas is easy; however, translating those ideas into actionable strategies is a complex task.

Teams spend weeks and months exploring ideas or objectives, developing recommendations and driving decisions. There’s a lot of work involved like surfacing key questions, getting to the bottom of them, and sharing what’s been explored to draw conclusions and create alignment. Ritual steps in to address these challenges.

What does Ritual do?

Our workflows simplify the process of defining problem statements, sourcing key questions, developing answers, and crafting recommendations. By incorporating AI at every step, our platform enhances your team's strategic thinking and ensures no crucial steps are overlooked.

Key Features of Ritual:

  • Identifying strategy gaps faster
  • Adapting quickly to new directions
  • Expanding perspective, make bigger decisions
  • Achieving larger, meaningful results

Our workflow breaks down problem solving into atomic steps, and embeds AI at every step.

How do I use it?

Ritual can be used on the desktop or on your phone. Start using it on a laptop or computer by visiting app.ritual.work. Or download the app to your phone by locating it in the AppStore or Google Play Store. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to login to the desktop experience or mobile app with the same credentials. Getting started is simple. Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to add an exploration for an idea or objectives. See for yourself how AI-driven workflows can help accelerate progress.

What is an exploration?

An exploration is the home for the idea or objective you’re working on. Within an exploration, Ritual helps you craft a problem statement to guide the work, build an exploration by sourcing the most relevant questions, run an exploration to develop answers and generate content like a document, narrative or FAQ that can be used for meetings. Ritual’s co-founder literally wrote the book on how teams use exploration to speed up progress. The workflows within Ritual are based on these proven workflows, and the embedded AI within Ritual will raise everyone’s contributions through smart suggestions.

When should I use Ritual?

Whether at the project's inception or facing a critical decision point, Ritual is your ally. What’s top of mind that needs to be explored so a path forward can be recommended, aligned and decided upon? That’s where Ritual comes in. Instead of losing time or being stuck, start an exploration with Ritual. Tap into the power of workflows to place some helpful structure around what needs to be explored. Experience the game changing potential of AI as it enables your team to make better contributions.

How does Ritual fit into my work?

There are many uses of Ritual. Here are some examples of where Ritual can streamline work for a team:

  • Pitch an Idea: develop a better understanding of an idea including the key questions before socializing it with a broader group. Be more confident in ideas you are sharing and give them the best chance for buy-in.

  • Kickoff an Initiative: start the team down the right direction by focusing the work ahead on a common problem statement and a clear workflow for steps in the team’s collaboration.

  • Prepare Recommendations: Work backwards from an important milestone like a recommendation meeting or project review. Enable a team to build and run an exploration in time to develop high quality recommendations for these milestones.

Ritual is versatile. Whether it’s refining ideas, kickstarting initiatives, or preparing recommendations — Ritual is an engine to help your team do its best work.

What are the benefits?

Amongst the many benefits of Ritual, here are three that your team will welcome:

Streamline work - collaboration to get from the idea to recommendation stage can be unstructured. Lack of structure can lead to meetings or interactions that are repetitive, lacking purpose or burning people out. Instead, Ritual provides a clear workroom to center the team and set the clear expectations.

Avoid pitfalls - blindspots and missed inputs can stall progress, reduce buy-in or set an initiative in the wrong direction. Instead, Ritual can help a team build in all the right considerations as it conducts exploration, improving the changes of support and buy-in for recommendations.

Reduce meetings - today’s collaboration can involve endless meetings. Ritual enables important contributions such as suggesting a question, preparing an answer or reviewing answers without the need for meetings. Because these contributions fit into an overall workflow that is transparent to everyone asynchronous work is unleashed. Teams can spend meetings doing things that can only be done in meetings, making them purposeful.

Do I need to be part of a team to use Ritual?

Ritual is perfect for a working team around an important idea or initiative. Anyone on the team can start an exploration for something that is top of mind. Sometimes, an individual will initiate a promising new idea before a team is formed. And Ritual is there to help an individual or small group develop their ideas so they can be clear enough to share for pitching, prioritization, or support. Whether it’s team based exploration or the exploration of an idea before the working team has been established, Ritual will accelerate progress.

How does Ritual help me tap into AI?

Ritual embeds AI at every stage of workflow. Imagine a world where AI does the heavy lifting. With a little bit of input, AI will help you 1) define the problem to be solved; 2) develop key questions to explore; 3) craft high quality answers; 4) suggest recommendations.

Why is this groundbreaking?

With the onset of AI, everything is about to change for team collaboration. Instead of spending weeks and months in endless meetings developing momentum for ideas, AI will help teams get there much faster. On top of that, the quality of what teams produce can improve substantially as AI brings out stronger contributions from team members. Ritual is the world’s first problem solving engine designed to combine human contribution with AI. Give it a try, and go from idea stage or high level objective to strong recommendations that unlock decision making

What Users Are Saying About Ritual

Our CEO introduced OKRs, yet we need to translate them into actionable plans. Navigating this process is tough, but Ritual offers a clear solution. With improved execution, we aim for faster, better results.

Senior Manager

National Marine Sanctuary

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Purposeful exploration helps push boundaries and uncover new possibilities. Every organization needs to embrace the power of exploration to grow and stay relevant in today’s fast paced world. Ritual is a great way to bring this to life.


DOW Jones

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A perfect door opener to use AI at work, and getting your team comfortable with it.

VP, MGM Resorts

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Atif's Decision Sprint keynote prompted our top team to request a workshop for practical implementation. We're eager to adopt his approach for exploring and advancing our key initiatives. Atif's methodology, coupled with Ritual, holds great promise.

Senior Executive


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