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Whether you're refining an idea or preparing to impress in a meeting, Ritual elevates your work.

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Level up for a meeting

Do you have a meeting where you will be expected to contribute input or ideas? Looking to gather your thoughts ahead of an important meeting with colleagues or stakeholders? Find out how to leverage your time better, in our time pressed world.

  • Use Ritual as a brainstorm partner to define a problem better, raise important considerations and identify key questions.
  • Use it to spark your thoughts and bring them as notes to feel better prepared to collaborate.
  • In just a few minutes, Ritual’s AI can help you go from a blank canvas to thoughtful contributions.

Lean on Ritual AI. Get smarter for your next meeting.

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Develop a promising idea

Have trouble getting a new idea off the ground? In most organizations, new ideas can struggle to secure buy-in. Find out how to get beyond the idea stage and secure the support you need.

  • Build and run explorations that help you translate an idea into a strong narrative.
  • Instead of being stuck, explore the key issues quickly and effectively.
  • Tap our Ritual AI to enhance your team's strategic thinking and ensure no crucial issues are overlooked.

You don’t need a big team to develop an idea into a powerful narrative or case. Even a handful of collaborators can drive an idea forward.

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Prioritize across ideas

Prioritization is often a challenge, especially when there are more ideas than bandwidth. Even with a process for picking ideas, like scoring criteria, it can be challenging to choose. Find out how to develop ideas to allow for effective comparison.

  • Use Ritual to ground an idea in a problem statement, identify relevant questions to explore and develop first draft answers.
  • Accomplish this in a matter of days, and run multiple ideas through light weight explorations so that comparing them is simplified.
  • Give teams and individuals a way to put their best foot forward on their ideas, without relying on cookie cutter idea templates that fail to bring out the critical considerations of each idea.
  • Let the quality of each idea exploration speak for itself, so that prioritization decisions are simpler.

Develop ideas quickly and effectively. Reduce risk of prioritization based on many assumptions, personal bias or subjective factors.

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Produce Recommendations

Is your team racing to take an initiative forward, or feeling the pressure to start executing one? In order to move from idea to action, teams must place recommendations on the table. Find out how teams can develop actionable strategies to overcome ambiguity.

  • Build and run explorations to unlock recommendations that are compelling.
  • Tap completed explorations to draw key conclusions, and connect the dots between what is being recommended and the work behind it.
  • Be more confident in navigating milestones where recommendations are expected, so that your team can move on to execution.

Develop the kind of recommendations that get people nodding their heads in agreement, instead of holding doubts that slow things down.

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What Users Are Saying About Ritual

Our CEO introduced OKRs, yet we need to translate them into actionable plans. Navigating this process is tough, but Ritual offers a clear solution. With improved execution, we aim for faster, better results.

Senior Manager

National Marine Sanctuary

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Purposeful exploration helps push boundaries and uncover new possibilities. Every organization needs to embrace the power of exploration to grow and stay relevant in today’s fast paced world. Ritual is a great way to bring this to life.


DOW Jones

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A perfect door opener to use AI at work, and getting your team comfortable with it.

VP, MGM Resorts

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Atif's Decision Sprint keynote prompted our top team to request a workshop for practical implementation. We're eager to adopt his approach for exploring and advancing our key initiatives. Atif's methodology, coupled with Ritual, holds great promise.

Senior Executive


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